The New York Times reports that Linda Bloodworth-Thomason will bring her 1980s and ’90s sitcom “Designing Women” to the stage, and will premiere the play at TheaterSquared in Fayetteville. The play will run Aug. 12-Sept. 13. Tickets will initially be offered to subscribers only.

The Times quotes Bloodworth-Thomason about the play:


“What I really wanted to do was take those women as we last saw them and set them down right now,” Bloodworth-Thomason said in a telephone interview last week. “They’ll have the same history, be the same people, have the same attitudes, the same philosophies,” she added, “but they’ll be talking about #MeToo and the Kardashians, and Donald Trump, and all that’s going on right now.”

Bloodworth-Thomason was also the creator of the TV show “Evening Shade,” set in Arkansas. Her husband, Harry Thomason, is a native of Arkansas. “Designing Women,” which ran for seven years, opened with a shot of the Villa Marre.

After the run at TheaterSquared, the play will travel to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and the Dallas Theater Center.