KABF-FM 88.3’s Shoog Radio has long been a tireless bastion for local musicians, giving airplay to countless Arkansas bands every Tuesday afternoon.

The show’s playlists are source material for a deep dive into the Little Rock music scene at any given moment, and this week’s Gig Guide is a compilation of local artists with livestreams scheduled this week, or artists who lost gigs this week due to cancelations. Check it out:


This pandemic is creating an extra hard time [for] the musicians in our community. In addition to cancelled gigs, a lot of them are finding themselves out of work at their day jobs as well. In a time like this, “supporting the scene” means a lot more than going out to a show. This week’s Gig Guide features a list of bands who have scheduled livestreams this week. We’re also listing all the bands who had cancelled gigs this week. Please go to their websites and their Bandcamp pages and buy some of their merchandise. Download their music off iTunes or Amazon. Stream it from Spotify or Deezer. Or just go to PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp and send them some scratch. Here’s the bands with Livestream events: