Jennifer Siebel Newsom

THURSDAY 9/3. Free.

The Arkansas Cinema Society is partnering with the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas to screen Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s (pictured above) “The Great American Lie,” a documentary about how all sorts of income inequalities are tied to masculine ideals of money and power, and how qualities like cooperation and empathy are devalued to our national detriment. Or, as it’s put in the film, “Politicians always find money for activities that are stereotypically masculine — weapons, wars, prisons.”

The series is called “Mind the Gap,” and sets out, Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Executive Director Anna-Beth Gorman said, to “promote a greater understanding of gender inequity, our role in its continuum or our role in challenging the norm and creating a different reality.” Later screenings are co-sponsored by Just Communities of Arkansas and Washitaw Foothills Youth Media Arts & Literacy Collective. A Q&A with Siebel Newsom follows the free screening, which takes place on the Eventive platform. RSVP at SS