“Big Boy’s Place” by Beverly Buys

Beverly Buys’ cyanotype photos of the Delta, Jeri Hillis’ oil painting “Maxine’s Rear Window” (of the Hot Springs bar) and Dennis McCann’s “Arcade” bring a historical theme to Hot Springs’ Justus Fine Art in November.


Along with works by those artists will be abstract paintings by Donnie Copeland, sculpture by Mia Hall, Robyn Horn and Sandra Sell, wood-turned vessels by Gene Sparling, jewelry by Amanda Heinbockel and Amy Wells, and more.

The gallery will host a reception from 5-9 Friday, Nov. 9; guests are asked to wear face coverings. No refreshments will be served.


Buys’ artist statement:

“The delta region of Arkansas has captured my imagination with its history and harsh beauty. Not an easy place to live, it is nevertheless rich in soul altering ways…Hardship grows hope, strength and ingenuity and that is what my photographs are about.” Jeri Hillis’ oil painting, “Maxine’s Rear Window” depicts layers of history and wear with hopeful blue sky reflections. Dennis McCann’s “Arcade” also captures remnants from the past as elements of design in his pastel work. Donnie Copeland’s abstract “STR 103” is constructed of lines of painted paper to create his earthy patterns.
The gallery is located at 827 A Central Ave. Hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Wed.-Sat. For more information, call 501-321-2335 or visit online at justusfineart.com.