illustration of Little Rock interior designer Kelley Kolettis
Kasten Searles

Arkansas-grown interior designer Kelley Kolettis won accolades from Arkansas Times readers for her skill at helping clients put together homes and workspaces that are both lovely and livable. Here, she offers some advice for the DIY set. 

What’s the color of the year? And does the South have its own colors?


The color of the year is a mossy green, anything to bring in more nature to liven up your space.

The South’s color palette is inspired by our natural surroundings: blues, greens, creams. More so than a color “palette,” Southern design is inspired by patterns, and mixing them in creative ways: plaid/stripe, animal print and floral/botanical.


What’s the most common design mistake people make?

Choosing a color at the paint store. Bring home a couple of samples in various shades of the chosen color to see what looks best in the space, checking the samples throughout the day to make sure the chosen color still looks the best in morning light, evening light or in artificial light. There are hundreds of shades of your color for a reason, so make sure it still looks good in the space before committing to painting the whole house.