Guest Maestro Roderick Cox

SATURDAY 11/6-SUNDAY 11/7. ROBINSON CENTER. 7:30 P.M. SAT., 3 P.M. SUN. $21-$77. 

Even before the pandemic came along and posited that we could do business in our pajamas as effectively as we could in heels and suits, symphonies everywhere were ahead of the curve at least once a year with programs like “Beethoven & Blue Jeans,” shuffling off sartorial convention in favor of comfort. This year’s return to the format also returns to the concert hall, with gems from the big guys: Beethoven, Ravel and Brahms. Conducting is Roderick Cox (pictured), a George Solti Award-winning maestro whose work to supply young musicians of color with scholarships for instruments and study will be featured in a new documentary called “Conducting Life.” Also on the program: a highly decorated pianist named Conrad Tao, whose breakneck schedule of orchestral cameos means he’s worked with a good chunk of America’s major orchestras, and whose collaboration with tap dancer Caleb Teicher on Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” you should cue up on YouTube immediately. Oh, and Maestro Cox will be giving a talk at a virtual brown bag lunch Thursday, Nov. 4. Find details and tickets at