The year 2022 is five days old and it’s already a complete shitshow. Record-breaking COVID numbers and school closures! Cancelation of life as we know it! Book banning is back! And all this in the wake of losing national treasure Betty White and discovering Jay Johnston went all “Let’s Go Brandon” on us.

Whatever’s got you stressed, the state’s largest health facility, in addition to its monumental efforts to quell the pandemic within its walls and across Arkansas, is offering free meditation and mindfulness sessions every day at noon online. UAMS’ Mindfulness Program initially began offering the meditation sessions for patients, staff, faculty and students, but is ready to begin inviting the public. Details:


UAMS Offers Guided Mindfulness Meditation Weekdays

The UAMS Mindfulness Program offers online Mindfulness guided group meditation sessions at noon weekdays.

These sessions are free and open to the public.

Please email to receive the Zoom link.

Tune in for a moment of calm in your busy day to learn stress-reduction skills that foster peace of mind, supported by our caring wellness community at UAMS. Our instructors are trained in evidence-based approaches to teaching Mindfulness, including Koru Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.