Argenta Dogtown Throwdown

FRIDAY 6/10-SATURDAY 6/11. Argenta Arts District. 4 p.m. Fri.-10 p.m. Sat. Free. 

On one hand, the pandemic was/is a nightmare we continue to be groggily roused from. On the other, hospitality workers are underpaid masters of invention who, when business becomes untenable indoors, take to the streets. Ergo the sprouting of “entertainment districts” on either side of the Arkansas River, in which patrons can not only dine outdoors, but can bring their adult beverages with them to the party (subject to some regulations).


On the second weekend of each month between April and October, the Argenta Arts District turns into a bit of a block party, with a supercharged Saturday Farmers Market and streetside specials from partners Four Quarter Bar, Flyway Brewing, Brood & Barley, Reno’s Argenta Cafe, Crush Wine Bar, Cregeen’s Irish Pub, Skinny J’s, the Innovation Hub and The Culture.

Argenta Arts District/Argenta Downtown Council
Argenta Entertainment District

Check the rules and regulations at, and make sure and be near the district’s outdoor stage at 7 p.m. Saturday for a performance from the fierce (and ethereally voiced, thanks to singer Chris Denny) Gravel Yard Band.