From Diane Harper's "Queen of her Domain"

The best way to do Third Friday Argenta Artwalk, honestly, is just to go park and wander through the arts district. But if you’re the kind of person who likes a plan, here’s a bit of what’s up:

Lee Lee Arts (Ashlee Nobel) is showing work at Bang Up Betty’s loft shop, and proprietor Stacey Bowers is launching her collection, called “Creatures of Night, a menagerie of fantastical and mythical beasts. Fans of The Last Unicorn will recognize the inspiration I drew from Mommy Fortuna’s Midnight Carnival. We’ve even got a unicorn, a harpy, and the Midgard Serpent just like in the story. Be expcting ghosts, kelpies, vampires, Cerberus and more in this collection, as I reach the pinnacle of displaying my obscure nerdiness.”

Stacey Bowers


Diane Harper’s “Queen of her Domain” exhibit opens at the Argenta chapter of Laman Library, and runs through Nov. 11.

From Diane Harper’s “Queen of her Domain”


On the work:

I use a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials that contrast and blend with one another, immersing myself in the qualities of each, as I work. As in communities, there are soft segments, hard edges, peaks and valleys, craggy parts, shiny as well as dull surfaces, things that stick out, things that are added, subtracted, and broken apart. There are deep wells to fall into and strings and wires in which to become entangled. Out of manipulating these materials come new sculptural forms and new connections.
This exhibit, “Queen of Her Domain” is about finding myself rooted in my community, empowered. My previous solo exhibition “The Shape of Home”, delved into feelings of being uprooted and disconnected while exploring questions such as “What is home?” and “Who am I, in relation to the past?”. Mine was a life marked with feeling adrift, always moving, always anticipating somewhere else, always having to recreate myself. Those experiences brought me to where I am but they do not define who I have become.
During all that moving around, through my family of origin, I developed my own personal strength, while recognizing the value of kin-work by way of reaching out to others. I am not alone, nor am I adrift when I seek out and connect in ways that keep me anchored. The knowledge that I am primarily relational, expressive, and intuitive drives me to create artwork that has the same qualities. I revel in discovering connections among ideas, objects and materials.

Virmarie DePoyster, who we highlighted in our April issue of the magazine, is showing her collection “Beyond Labels” at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.

Brian Chilson
LIGHT AND LANGUAGE: Virmarie DePoyster poses in the studio with “Inner Fire, Family Rock, Regal — Passive,” a portrait from her “Beyond Labels” series.

Go hear Tim Anthony play in the courtyard behind the ACANSA Gallery where work from Laura Welshans is up, catch work from Brande Wilkerson at the Argenta Community Theater, see work from Jess Jones at Argenta Counseling, work from Marlene Gremillion at the North Little Rock Heritage Center and grab a bite at Brood & Barley. Weather’s supposed to be lovely.