Clarice K. Abdul-Bey and Ameria Jones have turned an Arkansas family’s story into radio theater in an adaptation of Edith Ware McClinton’s account of the lynching of William Jack Ware and his twin brother Jim Ware in a small town in Calhoun County in the 1890s. The hour-long drama is titled “Scars Brought Into Focus: The Silver Screen of the Mind * Images * Memories (A True Horror Story Based in Arkansas.)”

Based on the 2000 tragic memoir by the late Edith Ware McClinton entitled “Scars From a Lynching,” the 2022 radio theater play adaptation “Scars Brought Into Focus: The Silver Screen Of The Mind * Images * Memories” by Clarice K. Abdul-Bey and Ameria Jones tells the story of the McClinton family’s connection to four different lynchings in Arkansas while also linking the racist American history of lynching and the death penalty.

“Mrs. McClinton carries the credentials of a griot and the strength of a warrior, strong and brave enough to pass her horrific story on to those who need to hear and learn…”, says Cozetta Gray Guinn in the memoir introduction.This is a special joint All Hallows’ Eve 2022 presentation by Jadestone Vintage Soul, Washitaw Foothills Youth Media Arts & Literacy Collective, the Arkansas Peace & Justice Memorial Movement, the APJMM Pulaski County Community Remembrance Project, From Noose to Needle AR, and Afrodesia Studio of Performing Arts, with generous support from the 8th Amendment Project and the Tides Foundation. A special thanks also go to Joyce Williams and Suzette Cannon, the daughter, and granddaughter, respectively, of the late Edith Ware McClinton, for giving Clarice K. Abdul-Bey their permission for this adaptation.

***TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the scenes in this narration may be considered graphic and/or offensive. Listener discretion is advised.***

The radio play premiered on KABF-FM 88.3 on Halloween, and is available to stream on Spotify now.