SATURDAY 12/3. Simmons Bank Arena. 7 p.m. $39.75-$79.75.

Nate Bargatze isn’t the kind of comedian who laughs at his own jokes. Vulture described his demeanor as that of “an average guy who somehow found himself standing up on this stage with a mic in his hand.” His delivery is lethargic and casual, bordering on deadpan, lulling you into believing that he’s about as clever as the next-door neighbor who’s always subjecting you to stories about his in-laws. And then you start listening closely and realize that he’s wildly funny. A frustrating and entirely mundane situation with Delta Airlines forces him to wonder if this is why people call their senators. An argument with his wife becomes a hilarious rumination on how absurd and imprecise the phrase “one fell swoop” is. When he starts to get worried about becoming a parent too late, he has the audacity to consider that maybe teen pregnancy isn’t such a big deal, and might just be an enviable alternative. This extremely wholesome comic from Nashville is sure to make for a healthy diversion from the heaviness of modern life.