Everyone Asked About You

“Let’s Be Enemies,” the sole LP by ’90s Little Rock emo legends Everyone Asked About You, is now available for listening wherever you stream music.

The album was first recorded in 1998, but was shelved for years due to distribution complications, lost recordings and the group disbanding in 2000. In 2012, a small label called 25 Diamonds issued a short run of 300 vinyl records and made it accessible on some official online platforms. Additionally, bootleg copies ended up on YouTube and the like.


After recently partnering with the Numero Group — a label that specializes in reissuing forgotten music — about a year ago, “Let’s Be Enemies” was removed from streaming services so that it could be remastered.

This fall, Numero Group will put out a double vinyl of the entire EAAY discography, including both the LP and songs that could previously only be found on various EPs and 7 inches. In the meantime, the remastered version of “Let’s Be Enemies” is waiting for you on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.


Though obviously influenced by the trends of the day, “Let’s Be Enemies” sounds not like a relic or a time capsule. If they were just dropping it for the first time, Little Rock would surely be flocking.


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