Dazzmin Murry

Catalyze, a new grant program for Central Arkansas artists that works in partnership with the Mid-America Arts Alliance and the Windgate Foundation, has announced its inaugural cohort of recipients. In addition to receiving one-on-one mentorship and taking part in “professional development programming to develop, refine, and implement strategic plans for their practices,” 25 selected artists have been awarded $10,000 each to use in essentially any manner they choose.


Though the money is intended to help advance the artistic career of each awardee, the program’s stipulations seem designed to be about as flexible as possible: “Funds may be used for any purpose that supports the continued development of their creative practice, including but not limited to equipment, travel, studio space, child care, professional services, research, supplies, and contingency savings.”

This year’s grantees consist of writers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, photographers, performing artists and more. Several creatives that we’ve highlighted over the years — such as Dazzmin Murry, Princeton Coleman (Yuni Wa), Kai Coggin and Virmarie DePoyster — are among the recipients. For a full list of biographies and headshots from the winners, go here.


Applications for Catalyze’s second cohort will open in late 2023. For more info on eligibility and how to apply, head here.