Look, there are throngs of visitors coming to our state for the solar eclipse on April 8 and somehow the weather prognostications have eclipsed the “what are we wearing” question. Embarrassing! Here are a few sartorial accompaniments we’ve spotted around town and online as the moon rolls out the red black carpet over The Natural State.

Eclipse Earrings by Krystal Bijoux


Accented with glittery “star” sparkles and inscribed with the year 2024, these beauties are both fashion and memorabilia, made by a local jeweler working under the name Krystal Bijoux.

TOTALITY, BUT MAKE IT WEARABLE: Eclipse earrings by Krystal Bijoux.

Howdy Bonita’s polymer clay jewelry


I ran across Liz Gracie’s delightful creations at an art market in The Rail Yard last weekend, and it took every ounce of restraint I had not to spend a whole paycheck on earrings. Go see why on her Instagram account; she’s awesome and so is her jewelry.

Howdy Bonita’s eclipse earrings

Bella Vita Jewelry’s Eclipse Collection


Local jeweler Bella Vita has been slaying the eclipse jewelry game for months now, with eclipse charm bracelets, and a gorgeous pendant inspired by a watercolor painting jeweler Brandy Thomason McNair did last summer. Best of all, the gems in this collection will be wearable long after the eclipse is over.

Bella Vita Jewelry
Bella Vita Jewelry’s eclipse necklace

Bang Up Betty


You gotta love an earring that goes with either gold OR silver, and these eclipse earrings from local jeweler Bang Up Betty’s Space Age collection are the real deal. I’ve also got my eyes on these sweet lil sun studs, which elegantly depict the sun’s flaming fury.

Bang Up Betty
Bang Up Betty’s eclipse earrings

Mugs and more from North Little Rock Tourism


North Little Rock’s eclipse shop is all in! Color-changing mugs, stickers and lots of tie dye. Check it out. 

Explore NLR
Color-changing mugs from North Little Rock Tourism

Bigfoot Steals the Eclipse tees


A portion of profits from these T-shirts goes to the Arkansas Food Bank. Plus, it’s easily the most conspiracy-theory-T-shirt of the bunch, so if you wanna avoid conversation with your fellow eclipse viewers so you can view the cosmic wonder in silence, wearing this oughta do the trick.

Be Nice Arkansas
Bigfoot Steals the Eclipse tee

Nature Backs eclipse tees

This Fayetteville-based company is channeling old school crunchy Faytown with some super cute eclipse tees. Complete with Jerry Garcia font!

Nature Backs
From Nature Backs’ eclipse collection

Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau


The Little Rock CVB has dreamed up some city-specific totes and tees for the taking. Get ’em here. 

Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau
Tote-Tality bag from LRCVB

Mountain View tourism

Mountain View’s getting in on the action, too, and making some big claims about their vantage point for the lunar-solar phenom.

City of Mountain View
Mountain View eclipse tees


Some basic eclipse cotton spotted at a local Kroger.

Eclipse tees