Zilla Miles Mason

SATURDAY 5/11. Vino’s. 7 p.m. $10. 

It’s easy to slot PETT and Zilla — two of Little Rock’s most engaging rock outfits — into opposing categories; the former is fundamentally serious and the latter is, well, fundamentally committed to goofing off. Put them on the same stage, though, and suddenly the middle of their Venn diagram begins blurring and expanding. Alongside Zilla’s zany antics, PETT starts to feel like a looser, more energetic band, their bouncy guitar work and dancy drums coming into focus. And with the help of PETT’s emotional attunement, Zilla’s jokester posture seems up to something deeper — an exploration of the limits of youthfulness, perhaps. Completing this bill are two singer-songwriters: Russellville’s Joshua Cannon and Fort Smith’s Maxx Lemaster. 


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