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Tennessee sculptor wins $60,000 commission

A 10-foot bronze and steel sculpture of two children staring up at the stars will be installed at the southeast corner of the City Hall property, at Markham Street and Broadway.

Non-biting lions headed to the Little Rock Zoo: UPDATE

The pair of cast aluminum lions on the plaza north of the River Market pavilions are headed for the Van Buren roundabout at the Little Rock Zoo.

2nd Friday Art Night at HAM: All over the map

"Acansa to Arkansas," an exhibition of Arkansas Territory maps from the time just before Benard de la Harpe's arrival in Acansa in 1722 to statehood in 1836, goes on exhibit May 10 at the Historic Arkansas Museum.

Laura Raborn: Present at Cantrell Gallery

Laura Raborn says her "Presence," opening Friday, May 17, at Cantrell Gallery, 8208 Cantrell Road, is about "the idea of human presence.
a banner that says "Little Rock Night Market," suspended above a crowd at Bernice Garden in Little Rock

Little Rock Night Market tonight

While the Little Rock Night Market is not pitched as a celebration, per se, it most certainly is in its own right.
guitarist and songwriter Adia Victoria in beret and long black dress

Adia Victoria at Stickyz tonight

Victoria is a self-declared heir to the blues tradition and a flawlessly eloquent spokesperson for the ways in which women have been its chief inventors.

Bay, McCann at Boswell Mourot

Kathy Bay's geometric abstractions and Jason McCann's painterly figurative are on exhibit this week at Boswell Mourot Fine Art, 5815 Kavanaugh Blvd.
baklava-topped ice cream

700,000-piece mosaic icon (and new eats) to debut at Greek Food Fest

Two-dimensional Byzantine iconography surrounds the Anunciation visitor on all sides — intentionally presented in a flat matte style, "not meant to be Renaissance art," Father Nicholas said — but now, the eye is drawn to the radiant glass at the altar, Christ in a gold robe and halo, holding a chalice in one hand and the Eucharist symbol on the other. Over 200 shades of glass and eight months of work went into the icon, Father Nicholas said. 
Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent

Phosphorescent glows at Rev Room

The band’s recorded songs routinely run longer than five minutes, and are given even more room to breathe in the live setting, during which the band skillfully vamped and locked into dynamic grooves, effortlessly waxing and waning to create an overpowering frenzy or to showcase an individual musician, depending on what the song or situation called for in the moment.

A stone's throw from Hillcrest: Stone's Throw opens second location

Stone's Throw Brewing opens its Stifft Station Taproom on May 7.

Google Doodle celebrates artist/internee Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa, who as a young woman was interned at the Rohwer Relocation Center in Arkansas, is today's Google Doodle feature.
Theater building

Preserve Arkansas lists Most Endangered Places

Preserve Arkansas announces its 20th annual Most Endangered Places list.
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