Rock Candy

New mural downtown doubles as a water bottle filler

Artist Tanya Hollifield worked with Central Arkansas Water and around 70 members of the community on a new mural downtown, which doubles as a public water faucet.

The Un-To-Do List: Morgan Wallen is coming to town and unfortunately, Arkansans are pretty excited

Plus, 10 alternatives to seeing Morgan Wallen in concert.

This weekend: Nia Renee, Bonnie Montgomery and Greg Spradlin, Emily Wolfe, Ballet Arkansas

The clouds are clearing and there's a lot going on in Little Rock this weekend.

The ghost light on Woodson Lateral Road

Woodson Lateral is one of Central Arkansas's spookiest roads. Over the years, many tales have been told about a mysterious ghost light that no one can explain. I've seen it myself.

Hot Springs Documentary Film Fest shorts venture from Seoul to the Andes

Ranging from seven to 21 brisk minutes, Tuesday’s short films took audiences from the Andes to Seoul, making stops at a Quapaw buffalo range and a Guatemalan teen’s cartoon reality in Los Angeles. 

Harry Styles at Simmons Bank Arena in November

Thanksgiving eve concert from Harry Styles.

Author Miguel De La Torre talks 'Decolonizing Christianity' at Pyramid Art tonight

Tonight at Pyramid Art, Books & Custom Framing: a talk from Cuba-born theologist Miguel de la Torre.

Arkansas State Fair kicks off Friday

Whether you’re in it for the close encounters with livestock, the blue ribbon quilts or the dizzying centrifugal force of the Gravitron, you’re in luck, because the state fair is back after being canceled in 2020.

Here's your one chance, Fancy: Reba is coming to Little Rock

Reba McEntire is coming to Simmons Bank Arena in February.

Big Ol' Book Party: A preview of the Six Bridges Book Festival

A Six Bridges Book festival preview.

A Q&A with Jennifer Ogle and Theo Witsell, co-authors of "Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines of Arkansas"

Theo Witsell is an ecologist and chief of research for the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, and Jennifer Ogle is a botany consultant and the collections manager at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville’s herbarium. Witsell and Ogle are co-authors of “Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Arkansas.” Catch Witsell and Ogle at Central Arkansas Library System's Six Bridges Book Festival 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 30. 

A Q&A with "Beasts of Prey" author Ayana Gray

Ayana Gray is a Little Rock resident, a “lover of all things monsters and magic,” and author of the forthcoming work of fantasy, “Beasts of Prey.” Catch her at Central Arkansas Library System's Six Bridges Book Festival, 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30. 

Surprise! Tig Notaro is hanging out at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Fest tonight

Comedian Tig Notaro will chair the opening night of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, which begins tonight with a screening of "Citizen Ashe."

Little Rock native Ashlie Atkinson in the role of Juanita Broaddrick in FX's 'Impeachment'

Little Rock native and actor Ashlie Atkinson pops up in FX's new series on the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.

Paul Chesne at White Water Tavern Saturday night

In notices for a 2009 show with late Little Rock conga player Joe Cripps, Chesne was described as “like Dr. Dre meets Johnny Cash." If the through line here is extreme songcraft coupled with unpredictable performance, there are less apt comparisons.

Watch a White Claw get electrocuted in this new music video from Recognizer

New video from Recognizer's "This Conversation is Echolocation."

Final Dogtown Throwdown for 2021 this weekend

Main Street will be closed off in Argenta this weekend from Broadway to 5th Street with tents set up for outdoor dining for the final time this year.

A Halloween To-Do List: Lost Forty's Festival of Darkness, a haunted theatre tour and more

It's spooky season. Here's a Central Arkansas Halloween round-up.

'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' not as inspired as is Chastain's turn in the spotlight

Chastain’s admiration for her character never waivers, even as we see the older Faye making unsuccessful pitches to C-level TV producers and eating TV dinners by herself with her dog.

Olympian trailblazer Simone Biles is headed to Little Rock

This is not a drill: Simone Biles is coming to Little Rock, and she’s bringing her high-flying cast of teammates along with her.