A 2024 guide to budget-friendly fun for kids

Summer on a shoestring.

Advice to bank on, from the women who lead Little Rock

In honor of National Women’s Month, we’re passing the microphone to a few of Central Arkansas’s women leaders across various spheres — business, government, the arts and education. 

How Montez Hardaway went from juvenile prison to a job with the Prosecuting Attorney’s office

“I don’t know too many 18-year-olds the federal government has contacted to do speaking engagements," Amber Govan said of Hardaway, "but you have one right here.”

Ozark Mission Project is like summer camp, but with power tools

A group of teen volunteers is helping Arkansans with mobility issues live safely and comfortably in their homes. 

Kids in the Kitchen: Kelly Slade and Sonia Schaefer on food and family

“Cooking with kids takes a lot longer,” Kelly Slade said. “You just have to remember you are spending really precious time together.” 

Parenting in the age of information (and misinformation, and disinformation)

In a year when Arkansas’s librarians are fending off book bans, and an executive order from Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders restricts what topics can be taught in classrooms, the battle over information has hit especially close to home.

Beyond Helmets: What it takes to keep student athletes injury-free

How coaches and athletic trainers in Arkansas schools are tackling heat emergencies, mental health issues, concussions, burnout and "return to play" protocols.

How to raise tech-smart (and tech-safe) kids

We talk to experts Errin Stanger, Elizabeth Whitley and Claret Alcalá Collins about parenting in the digital age.

This summer reading list fights fascism

The books your state legislature doesn’t want in your child’s hands.

Experts on autism talk advocacy, access and therapy

As the mother of a child with autism, Scott knows what families today go through from diagnosis to education to worrying about their child’s ability to function in adulthood. She said the outlook of parents, family members and other people within a child’s support group is the most critical success factor in navigating the challenges of the condition. 

Educator Barbara Hall's superpower: honesty and kindness

“Students cannot learn if they feel invisible, disrespected or unsafe,” Hall said. “When we discuss any classroom issue, we pass it through the lens of safety. For example, if we have problems with unkindness or disrespect, we talk about how it contributes to people feeling unsafe, and we revisit our commitment to making school a safe place for everyone.”

What to do on your spring break staycation

If you’re a parent or caregiver who isn’t able to take off more than a day or two from work, or who simply wants to let the kids sleep in, play with friends and decompress from the daily grind of the school year — this guide is for you.

Meet Emma Wasson, defier of odds

For the Wasson family, caring for a child with special needs is about more than hardship.