Central Arkansas Disposal in Searcy, AR, has been given a cease and desist order by ADEQ.  I got a call about his late yesterday evening and couldn’t get a response from ADEQ in time.  Channel 4 has a report here.  Last week we told you about a cease and desist order issued to Fayetteville Shale Land Farm, LLC, near Carlisle.  There was no fine issued in accordance with that order.  The KARK report does not mention a fine with this one either.  With all the polluting these guys are doing, they should probably pony up some cash to remedy the situation, if that can even be done. 

When I have more information, I will be sure to post it.  I won’t be in the office until this afernoon on account of the weather.  Maybe I’ve got some info from ADEQ on my machine.  This one is pretty egregious.  I’d be interested to see the inspection report. 


UPDATE: Here’s a copy of the Emergency Order.  The order says that drilling fluids were being dumped directly from one of the reserve pits on-site into Raft Creek, presenting “an imminent danger to public health and welfare.”  Also included in the report is the account from an Arkansas Game and Fish biologist who observed “fish kills” in water connected to Raft Creek by wetlands. 

Teresa Marks passed along this comment regarding fines: “There is not generally going to be a fine assessed with an Emergency Order as it is designed to address an imminent situation, however, an enforcement action likely will follow an Emergency Order and that is when penalties can be assessed.”


I have requested a copy of the inspection form.  Hopefully I will have some pictures up soon.  This is the second site in two weeks to be found in violation of state regulations that impact our water.