Three cans of East Sixth beer.

With new ownership, a new menu, new beer recipes and new brewery leadership, a new name may be the least radical shift a brewery could consider. But that’s what’s happening at the new East Sixth Brewing Co., formerly known as Rebel Kettle, located, yes, on East Sixth Street in the “East Village” area of Little Rock’s historic Hangar Hill neighborhood.


With new paint inside and outside the taproom, and new can designs already in effect, attentive fans have seen this coming. “We want the new East Sixth aesthetic to remind people that craft beer is supposed to be fun,” marketing director Becca Bona said. “We’re going for a whole different aesthetic – more community-driven; welcoming, bright colors; not as niche. We want to focus on collaborations, not just with other brewers, but with artists, brands, and restaurants,” brewer Josh Davis said.

Exterior of East Sixth Brewery.The brew team has been working around the clock in advance of the re-brand. “The last few months, we’ve been pushing out a variety of beers,” brewer Mark Sniff said while taking a pause from canning. “We’re headed in the direction we’ve always wanted to with culinary-inspired beers as well as our mixed fermentation, or sour beer program,” he said. To go with this, Sniff also promises “a lot more simple and classic beer styles” than have been available at the brew space to offer up a balance.


A misguided Cajun menu has been jettisoned in favor of fresh pub fare better intended to pair with East Sixth beer.

Looking forward, there’ll be brunch, and happy hours 3-6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. To try the new beer and food menus, call (501-374-2791) or order online for pickup, or visit the patio with its socially-distant table set-up.

By Steven Koch

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