For the past several years, solar has been growing at an astonishing pace here in Arkansas. As more and more homeowners are asking, “Why now? Does solar make sense for me?” AEV Solar is here to answer. Energy is your second biggest expense, behind only the mortgage on your property.

The number one reason solar development has grown so rapidly over the last several years is economic gains. It may be surprising to learn the cost of going solar has come down by 60% over the last five years. This makes it THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE SOURCE OF ENERGY TODAY. In addition, homeowners can take advantage of tax incentives that amount to 26% of project costs. This has allowed us to develop a 25-year cost-saving plan with a return on investment of over 400%.


For this reason, the people who have chosen to do business with AEV Solar consistently recommend our services to others, save substantial resources both environmentally and financially, and rate us a 5-star company for our passionate execution. AEV Solar is striving to be a powerful force in bringing both meaningful cost savings and environmental sustainability to the agricultural landscape of Arkansas.

Please take the time to check out some of our projects at or give us at 501-350-8531.


We’re looking forward to working with you.

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