It’s time to plan your trip to Hot Springs. Picking the things to see and do in the Spa City is so easy; the only hard part is fitting it all in.

Thermal water soaks, trails and lakes, horse racing, botanical gardens, thrill rides, craft beer, food and history galore await, and Hot Springs has so many amazing restaurants, attractions and places to lay your head at night. If you haven’t requested your free vacation guide, there’s no time like the present! Inside you’ll find a quiz that you can take based on the things you love to do the most, and we’ll help you learn the type of traveler you are! No matter what, do Hot Springs your way.


Take a hike… or a mountain bike ride deep into the Northwoods. Get out on the water and explore our three lakes, maybe even cast a line to find out what lives under the water. Do your exploration with a side of sports in Hot Springs, a city full of incredible sights and excursions waiting for you. “Ouachita Adventurer” has a nice ring to it! (That is if you can pronounce it. Hint: Wash-i-taw)

Dig for Crystals Get your hands dirty unearthing Arkansas Quartz at one of the crystal mines in Hot Springs!


The National Park, of course! There’s always plenty of natural beauty to explore, but this year Hot Springs National Park celebrate 100 years so there is even more to do and see!

Chase a Waterfall Hit the open water on kayak, find a swimming hole or hike to the waterfall at Lake Catherine State Park.


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