When I was growing up, I was actually very conservative until I got to High School. Gradually I realized that not only were my politics becoming more radical, but that the list of people I admired were considered pretty radical, too.

The truth is, it was hard to find any conservative figures worth looking up to; the life conservatives promoted was basically keep your nose clean, and don’t bring undue attention to yourself. Don’t stand out from the crowd. Get along by going along. Be happy in the herd, young man, it will keep you warm at night.

It just didn’t work after a while. The real heroes were standing up – and just as often getting knocked down – and they were talking about important things.

One of those heroes was Frank Serpico, the New York City cop who really did put it all on the line to battle corruption in the NYPD.  I read the book by Peter Maas, and I was blown away by his courage and personal integrity.

I mention all that to mention this:

Tonight Tracy and I watched “Serpico” with Al Pacino, and it’s still a powerful film. If you haven’t seen it lately, check it out. But even better than the movie is:


Frank Serpico’s blog!

The latest entry is July 3,  and it is powerful writing. He talks about the “cancer” that has infested the current administration. He also has an official website, which you can find easily enough.

Wow – Frank Serpico’s blog. It’s like Christmas morning.


Sort of a link with Christmas here, in terms of taking presents away.

Earlier I wrote that Michael Walsh, who created  the resolution that the Eureka Springs City Council adopted when it voted to recognize domestic partnerships, would be on my show this week.

I forgot to add that following the show would be excerpts from the infamous July, 1998 meeting of the Washington County Quorum Court, when established job protections for gay employees were removed by the Quorum Court.

It was far from the court’s finest hour, either intellectually or morally.

There is some powerful footage from the meeting, shown on television for the first time in nine years.