Verizon has discovered Fayetteville, and wants to put cell towers on the Verizon horizon. There are just a few things that need to be considered about this:

From much of what I have read, cell towers – especially large cell towers – are expected to go the way of the dinosaur. So why the rush to build them? At least one state (California) has put limits on how tall a cell tower can be. The ones in Fayetteville wouldn’t pass muster.

There are new innovations coming at us faster than you can cry out, “Luddites on the loose!” but so many cities seem to be unaware of them.

For a fascinating look at some of the new technologies – including the mesh system – check out this website:

This is also an interesting website that deals with potential new technologies.

So why be stuck in Dinosaur Land?

Something else which is very troubling about the entire cell tower scenario is that the cell tower matters never come before Fayetteville’s Telecommunications Board ( I am the chair), but often go right to the Planning Commission.

Say what?

No offense to the Planning Commission, but the Telecomm Board actually studies such matters. More to the point, the Telecomm Board is planning a series of pyblic forums on Fayetteville’s Fovernment Channel, so that the issue can be discussed by experts and the public.

Someone on city staff should be thinking about how silly it is, not to refer such a matter to a board that is geared specifically to study such issues.