Just like Christmas, Easter and first mowing of the lawn, almost every year seems to bring about the birth of yet another in the Jim Bob Duggar family. I always have this image in my mind of Ms. Duggar giving birth, and Jim Bob holding her  gently by the hand.

The other hand, of course, is reaching wildly for the “send” key, so that six thousand news organizations and both the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel will know  of the happy news, and prepare their camera crews.

My own realization that the Duggar’s had been fruitful and multplied yet again was when a particularly annoying news anchor proceeded to giggle her way through the names of all the children.

All the names, by the way, start with “J.”  There is joy in the land.


But there is another side to Brother Jim Bob and clan; he and wife Michelle believe  strongly in something called Quiverfull. Those desiring to know more information about Quiverfull can check out the site below:


After you read it, you may wonder why none of the fawning news reporters in Northwest Arkansas ever mention any of this. And then you can ponder the subtle hint of racism that you just might find in the group’s belief.