Men have fogotten God! Or at least the good folks at the Arkansas Family Council seem to believe this, for it was the first line of the fundraising letter I got in the mail today.

As one might expect, the Family Council has all sorts of things they are worried about, from gay adoption to well,  gay adoption.

The Arkansas Family Council is especially upset at the Arkansas Legislature, which doesn’t quite see eye to eye with them on the subject of such adoptions. Well, this makes Jerry Cox of the family pretty sick.

As we all know, Comrade Cox and Company would like to see a 2008 ballot question on the subject of gay aoption.

But no simple bigot is our friend Cox. He imagines a world where no couple – gay or straight – can adopt a child unless they are “married” in the eyes of the state.

He writes, “If the State of Arkansas is going to create families through adoption or foster care, it should create good ones.” He goes on to add that “every major religion” on the planet tells us that the best home for kids is with married father and mother.

Just one of the implications of his belief  is that if your religion doesn’t have edicts against homosexuality or homes without both a married mother and father, it can’t qualify as a “major” religion.

He – and the Family Council, I suppose – also feel that children are being used to promote the gay agenda.

Ah – that damned gay agenda. Everywhere you turn, there it is!

Cox feels that just by having the subject of adoption being in the news, it will cause “virtually every person in Arkansas to consider the issues of foster care and adoption.” The end result will be that more foster homes will become available.

It ain’t worked so far – why would he think it will work that way in the future?

He also touches on other topics in his letter, including gambling (it’s bad) to abstinence education (it’s great), and media interviews, telling the faithful to be available for press interviews.

And yet- – every time I I email these folks for an interview there is dead silence.


FIXed News and protecting the world from gayness in all its insidious forms.

A few weeks ago, on one of their many financial shows, one analyst proclaimed that since “Fred Thompson hates gays and Arabs,” Wall Street would adore him. In a very manly, hetero way, of course.

Last week a news analyst claimed that Americans don’t trust a male political candidate who dressed  too well because – well, you guessed it.


Into the Lion’s Den

Thursday morning I will be a guest on FOFC’s “Insight AM” for two (count ’em folks!) hours, starting at 7:30. I’ll be sitting down with Don Bright, ready to talk about anything the call-in audience wants to discuss.

A good time will be had by all,  no doubt.

Well, by me, at any rate.

If anyone wants to call in with a question so I can sound semi-coherent, good karma will no doubt come your way.