Fayetteville mayor Dan Coody has his own blog, which, to his credit, he keeps up with better than i do with this one.


There is one thing sorely lacking on Hizzoner’s blog, though, and that is the opportunity for others to leave comments. And it ain’t like people haven’t raised the subject, either. I think it would raise the level of discourse on the mayor’s blog – let’s face it, it does come across as kind of  Pollyannish – if citizens of Fayetteville were able to leave brief comments/questions on the site.

It would make it not only a lot more interesting, but the feedback from citizens might be helpful to the city administration.


Mike Huckabee a top tier candidate? To once again quote Charlton heston in “Planet of the Apes,” – “It’s a madhouse!”

Yeah, it ain’t that Brother Mike is suddenly so respected, but rather that the GOP field of candidates as a whole is less than impressive to average folks – which is just the way I like it, myself.


There is an opening on the Fayetteville Telecommunications Board. It is just the place for those interested in new communication technologies, and how fFyettville can get a handle on them. It’s also the best place to make sure that the city council learns that they don’t have to give in and automatically grant cell tower requests.

Those interested can contact the Fayetteville city clerk.


And now for something really bizarre . . .

Variety: TLC adds ‘Miss America Pageant’

Three-year deal includes reality-esque profiles

By JOHN DEMPSEY TLC has signed a three-year deal to carry “The Miss America Pageant” for the first time, adding the new wrinkle of a reality series that will profile the contestants during the weeks leading up to the Jan. 26 event.

Calling the deal “a multi-million-dollar partnership,” Sam Haskell III, chairman of the Miss America Organization, said that TLC will give the event “the proper promotion and attention it deserves.”

The previous network for the pageant, CMT (Country Music TV), dropped it after only two years despite holding the TV rights until 2011.

TLC has climbed aboard the Miss America caravan as part of its move to schedule more general-entertainment programming to complement its lineup of reality shows like “What Not To Wear,” “Little People Big World” and “Miami Ink.”

Spearheading the entertainment strategy is Angela Shapiro-Mathes cq, president and GM of TLC.

TLC’s first pageant cablecast takes place live from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.


What’s next? Sci Fi Channel?

Spike TV?