I like to beat up a lot on the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, but today they’ve got a humdinger of an editorial:

Here we go again
The usual suspect: Cable TV

The editorial gives a pretty good overview of what the debate is about in Fayetteville this week concerning the debate over the Mountain Street Memo, and the proposed changes to the Government Channel.

Thank you, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

I’ll be Johnny One-Note this week, as most of what I write will be about our upcoming issue forum dealing with this on Thursday night. I’ll try to make each entry fairly interesting, though.


On the Air with Dick Bennett

Running an older  show I did with Dick Bennet, founder of OMNI, this week. It’s about how people’s perceptions are manipulated through the media.

It may be a few years old, but the information that Bennett imparts still holds true.

Days and times:

Monday – 7pm
Tuesday – noon
Saturday – 6pm


I hate my scanner

Off to Kinkos to scan photos for my article and book/DVD reviews. Why, Kinkos, you ask? Are you too cheap to spring for a scanner?

No, after seven years and about twelve million images scanned, my scanner decided that enough was enough and decided to die – at the most inopportune moment.

I guess my warranty has probably run out by now, huh?