What a wonderful news item on CNN to wake up to – that drink inking water all across the United States – hell, probably across the planet – is full of traces of antibiotics, hormones, and other fun stuff. The most chilling thing I heard was the reassurance from a government official gave that there was “no immediate danger.”

Well, who needs to worry now?

Ed Barham, spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Health, is quoted in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today as saying, “As our methods improve, we’re able to find very low levels in many of the water supples around the country.

“But the fact that it’s detectable doesn’t mean it’s harmful to humans.”

Says who, Ed?

We are probably already the most medicated nation in the world. Personally, I have Diabetes and high blood pressure, and take medication for those conditions. Many folks have cancer, and a whole host of other ailments.

I just don’t trust folks in authority when they say that crap in the water isn’t going to have an adverse affect on me, or that the amounts in the water are one part per billion. Does that mean that in total, they are one part per billion, or that each element is one part per billion.


Well, if we can screen heavy metals . . .

The last time I punched a time clock was when I worked for Superior Industries in Fayetteville. One of our functions in the lab was to check the water that was going out every hour, to see if we might be getting too close to unacceptable levels of chrome or other chemicals getting into the Northwest Arkansas water supply.

If we were, production might be shut down while the problem was fixed.

Superior also had a great water filtration system,. Which would remove all of the chemicals and metals from the water before they would be released into the outside world. Everyone involved took their job very seriously.

My point is this:

If something like this is possible, is it not possible for a water district to have something similar for drugs, and all the other poisons – perfumes, fire retardants, etc. – that are showing up in our glasses of Tang?



Last year the tree-huggers from Swepco came by and cut down a whole line of trees behind our house – right down to the base, as they are wont to do. And then they just left all the logs in piles against our back fence.

It’s not on our property, so we can’t move ‘em, but aren’t they supposed to move their little Lincoln Logs when they are done?