The mayor of Seattle has proposed a “green fee” on all disposable shopping bags, be they plastic or paper. According to an article in today’s paper  Seattle (probably like most American cities) goes through over 300 million throwaway bags a year.

The American Chemical Council – of course! – says that it will lobby against the proposal, claiming that “recycling” the plastic bags will do the trick just nicely, thank you.

Yeah, right.

Except for the fact that many stores – and I know this this to be true because clerks have told me- want the bags to be filled up with as much as they can hold, which means they often have a tendency to rip open – and become useless – after just one trip to the store.

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My grandmother in Liverpool used to make almost daily trips to the market, and had her own bags (I think). Of course, she had to make several trips a week because she one of those dinky little refrigerators that only stood about three feet tall.


And there’s a really comfortable place in the back of the bus you can sit in while you “wait” . . .

Glancing through the April 21 issue of Time, I happened upon a letter written by Cecilie K. Bodnar, who wrote about the Obama/Clinton rivalry for the Democratic nomination:

Klein states that the African-Americans who support Barack Obama will sulk and stay home if Hillary Clinton is nominated. What does he think we women feel? Although millions of us are angry that Obama couldn’t wait four more years, we are not unwise enough to sulk, stay home or vote for John McCain. –  Cecilie K. Bodnar, CANANDAIGUA, N.Y

I guess as a society we have come a long way, when liberals  can suggest that a black man should “wait” before running for president.


Thank you, “Boston Legal”

First they mocked the evil Nancy Grace, now the wickedly funny folk at “Boston Legal” have been taking swipes at the ever-sycophantic Wolf Blitzer of CNN.