Primary Day!

Primary Day!

Are you as excited as I am?

Tracy and I have stocked up on Crackerjacks and Coke Zero to scarf down while we watch the results come in on MSNBC, watching their panels of experts (though any group that includes the likes of Pat Buchanan should be considered less than “expert”), who will tell us the same things they told us a few weeks ago, and even a few months ago.

And if nothing is resolved tonight, we’ll be hearing the same things over the nest few weeks. It’s like Christmas in Springtime!

The Reverend Wright will be discussed  – though of course we will once again be treated to the same video snippets we have all seen ad nauseam, and not the full text of what he was saying in his sermons. In other words, he will be taken out of context yet again.

Hillary’s new role as “Working Class Hero” will be discussed. Whatever.

When commentators run out of things to say, they will once again make references to movies – can we expect a reference to “Iron Man” tonight?

Ah, Primary Day, why can’t we have several every year?


Low-information Voters?

I heard this phrase the other day while watching the news. These are men and women who just get their information from radio and TV. I suppose they make up most of the ranks of the dreaded “undecided” voters.


Working Class Heroes?

Ah, how nice to see candidates repackage themselves – for this year at least – at champions of the working class.

We’ve all been to this dance before. I don’t care about the Two-Step (the campaign) I want to know if you’ll be with me during the slow dance (after you take office).

Because that’s how we’ll know you’re serious.


Just when you thought it was safe to turn your radio back on

Comrade Johnny Tittle – late of KOFC – evidently has found a new place to land.  KURM (790 AM) may be the place where zealots of all ages can roost and, well, whine mostly.