Adam Fire Cat has announced for mayor, and already picked up an endorsement.  Dylan Ferrell,  host of “W.T.F.” – shown Thursdays at 4pm on C.A.T. – gave the newest Fayetteville mayoral candidate an enthusiastic endorsement on his show last week.

Evidently this guy won the national bussing championship in Las Vegas last year.

Not that I’ll vote for him, but at least we’ve got two guys in this race who actually have first-hand experience of what working class issues really are.


The Postman

Once upon a time there was a really, really great science fiction novel called “The Postman,” by David Brin. Many of us read it and longed for the day when it would be made into a movie.

Well, that day came, and it was made by Kevin “I love myself” Costner, and was total crap. This summer, while waiting hour upon hour in that airport,  why not curl up with an  astounding novel of adventure of redemption. And then share it with a friend – it’s that good.