I watch a different local “news” station every night at 5pm, though I try to avoid KNWA on Wednesdays when the editor of Celebrate magazine manages to commandeer a portion of the program. I still don’t know if Celebrate pays for the minutes she uses to promote Northwest Arkansas events – and Celebrate magazine.

It’s just so cheesy.

Today we watched KFSM. A pretty easy day for the KFSM folk. They had coverage of the China earthquakes, the presidential election, and, oh, boy! “Sex and the City” has been released! Let’s talk about their shoes.

Later (6pm) we had the “Creation versus Evolution” segment – pretty shallow stuff, as befitting a station that a few weeks ago couldn’t tell the difference between a psychologist and a social worker.  The story is also on their website.



This is the station that also once ran a story on Bigfoot – which I’ll believe in when Chris Hansen snags one on “To Catch a Predator.”


This is the Way Life Works Department

Given the excitement – if you can call it that – of the last week, the one thing I wouldn’t want to miss is this week’s Telecomm Board meeting. Yet this week we’ll be on our way to Elk City, Oklahoma, still dealing with what can only be described as an emergency trip, dealing with lawyers and real estate folk, all over the matter of Tracy’s mother’s estate.

I spent half an hour grousing, but family trumps city business. Though I talk a good show, I am far rom indispensable.


Not gonna let Tracy read that last line, though . . .


On the air with Shannon X. Caine

On Monday, May 19 (7pm) Shannon X. Caine, writer of In Memoriam,” will be my guest.

“In Memoriam” – one of a series of books – is a collection of obituaries that Caine has collected, and found of interest. Many of the older obits were very creative, and told a great deal about a person – often in humorous ways. She also discusses her journeys to several graveyards in Northwest Arkansas in areas that no one even suspect they exist.

Caine, is also a journalist who has also written fiction, essays, poetry and more. She is a vocal and instrumental musician, and a former radio announcer. She is interested in history, early American music, and 20th Century art history. She holds a degree from the University of Central Arkansas, and has completed studies in several other fields, including Travel and Tourism.

She also has an interview program on C.A.T. “The Caine Interviews,” and has been involved with the program, “Abbey of the Lemur,” for several years.

Her website can be found at:



Additional times and showings:

Monday, May 19- 7pm
Tuesday, May 20 – noon
Saturday – May 21 – 6pm


I’m not proud . . .

54 years old this week! Though I’ll be out of town, if anyone wants to buy me a life-size Dalek, and leave it for me – well, anywhere within reason – I’m not likely to turn it down.


Quote of the Day

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. – Elbert Hubbard