Been reading this morning about Hillary’s appeal to all those hard-working white folk. And, of course, the mindless pundits were hammering the point home last night, in a less-than-exciting evening of television.

Doesn’t sound any less racist coming from them than it did when it did when she said it last week.


Cloud Cuckoo Land


Every Fayetteville administration since the early 1990s – even the anti-progressive Hanna regime – respected the authority of the Cable Board/Telecomm Board. Then comes along the supposedly progressive Coody admiration, with its absolute terror of the public – well, the wrong sort of public – and the TB finds itself being pushed into a sort of irrelevancy.

And not by any sort of legislative fiat, either. The City Council, which has given the TB authority to set policy over PEG issues in Fayetteville, still largely backs the TB.

The Public Information Officer, who is largely seen as doing Coody’s dirty work on this, has not only fired the Cable Administrator, but is working in conjunction with the City Attorney to deny the people of Fayetteville the right to request issue forums or roundtables on the Government Channel.

By gutting the Telecomm Board of its authority, they rob the citizens of their protections, should a less-progressive administration (though that’s hard to imagine  at this point) takes over in the future.

But too many of the issue forums and roundtables have raised topics that have raised the ire of City Hall.



The I Love Dan Channel?

Meetings and programs about Dan Coody pointing at pretty flowers – that is what some fear the FGC will turn into.  More than a few are already saying the name should change to the I Love Dan Channel.


You didn’t get the memo? Oh, well, you’re just not in the loop – sorry. Maybe next time. Hee hee

Naturally, the Telecomm Board – who might actually have an interest in such things like forums and roundtables being in the sniper scope of a paranoid city administration, and the fact that  PUI Thomas expects “significant” changes in the nature of the programming that will be shown on FGC, hasn’t received any notification yet – by email, telepathy or Pony Express.

We all read about it in our morning papers, though.

“Oh,” Thomas may exclaim, when asked, . “What? You don’t need to worry your pretty little heads about that. Let the grown-ups take care of it. You’re just an advisory board, after all.”


Time to phase out the job of Public Information Officer?


This might be something for the next mayor to seriously consider. Or, better yet, why not make the job an delectable position.

Oh, yeah.


Quote of the Day

When you give food to the poor, they call you a saint. When you ask why the poor have no food, they call you a communist – Archbishop Helder Camara, Brazilian liberation theologist