Kind of interesting to read in the NWA Times about the upcoming – not to mention exciting – mayoral race in Fayetteville. Oddly enough, every candidate but one – Adam Fire Cat – got mentioned in the article.

Looks like  the Times is aping the attitude of the national media, as in “We’ll decide who is a legitimate candidate around here.”


That is just so not cool.



Here I am, to save the day!

Yes, rumors are flying back and forth – at least among us gossip mongers – that Brother Dan Coody is looking over the field of candidates and finding them not up to par, thus making it necessary for a third run at the mayor’s office.


No doubt Dan believes he will be greeted as some sort of, oh, I don’t know, liberator?


Farewell, Roy Nastasi

Looking over the papers upon our return to Fayetteville, I read of the death of Roy Nastasi. I didn’t know Roy very well, but our paths often crossed at Fayetteville Open Channel and Access 4 Fayetteville (C.A.T.’s original name) when he would come in and talk about upcoming classical music events.


He was a nice man. And you know, there  just aren’t enough of them to go around.