A nice headline this morning – Obama proposes easing consumer bankruptcy lawshttp://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSN08193889

What will poor Blanche Lambert Lincoln – who supported the ultra-Draconian changes in the bankruptcy laws that went into play in 2005 – do now? Will she support the Democratic nominee, or will she continue to be in thrall to the banking industry?

Miss Blanche – as our friends at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette love to refer to her – still hasn’t responded to my question as to whether or not she feels that it should be just as tough for businesses to declare bankruptcy as for actual human beings.

Though, to be fair, neither has Comrade Boozman.



Nah – it’s still creepy

Calling someone – especially an elected official – “Mis Blanche” in 2008 is more than a little creepy. Maybe she likes it, though.


Please! Change the subject!

I’m on a number of lists, and one pet peeve I have is that once a thread has begun, and folks begin responding to whatever someone has written, rarely do they bother to change the heading on the subject line – even when the subject veers wildly away from the original topic.


I wonder how many people don’t open such emails, because they read the same boring heading, and say to themselves,  “Oh, same song, second verse. I can just skip this one.”


Johnny Tittle to the rescue . . .

Talk radio host Johnny Tittle hit one of his tired old refrains in a letter to the editor this morning, whining about those pesky folks on bikes on public highways. He stopped short of calling them communist sympathizers, which we can all be grateful for.

If only Jay Cole, Jr. would write a letter about folks on bikes. There’s just no telling where his imagination might take him.


Way to go, Workers’ Justice Center

On July 15, members of the Workers’ Justice Center staff will be briefing the United States senate and members of the house and their staff on the issue of wage theft in Arkansas. They will meet with  Blanche Lincoln’s office and Marion Berry’s office to educate them about the issue of stolen wages in Arkansas.

According to the email, they are  looking forward to this opportunity to build relationships with our congress people and to advocate on behalf of low wage workers in Northwest Arkansas.


Lets hope the folks in Congress pay attention.

As a matter of fact, elected officials in cities all over Northwest Arkansas should probably be briefed by these good folk.


Quote of the Day

An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen. – Earl Wilson