Matthew Petty made the bold – and perhaps fatal – move of standing up for renter’s rights at his press conference on Thursday, as well as for impact fees.

He is in good company, along with Bernard Sulliban (alderman candidate for ward 4) with concern for renters and working class residents of Fayetteville.

The “orientation workshop” that he suggests for developers, in order to encourage them to incorporate low-impact techniques and “sustainable” designs are good – should they be mandatory.

Not big into merely encouraging, myself. I’d mandate it by ordinance.


Of course, this means that somebody out there is thinking, “We gotta find somebody to run against this guy.”

Ward 2 may be an interesting race to watch,  after all.


Pistol Whipped? Somebody’s career has been, obviously . . .

The great Lance Henriksen making a movie with Steven Seagal?

“Pistol Whipped” is the name of the movie, and it is one of those that are just so darned good, it went direct-to-DVD.


Deep, deep sigh . . .

There is no justice in the universe.


Quote of the Day

A nation forgetful and disrespectful of its past has no future, and deserves none. – Daily Telegraph (London)