There is an intriguing program on C.A.T. – Intellectual Property  – which takes a hard look at some of the more nonsensical remarks that public officials make that seem to go right over the heads of the audience and members of the press, alike.

This week’s segment – “Let’s Talk about Class, Baby . . .” – deals with class issues in Fayetteville. For example, when Brother Dan brags – as he is wont to do – about the trailers being moved from south Fayetteville, and the lovely new developments that have been put in their place, he never actually does mention anything about the ultimate fate of the people who actually lived there before those pretty places were built.

More to the point – as the program points out – hardly anyone else has asked where the people have gone, either. If we’re going to feel any pride over these new developments, we need to feel some real shame that as a community we never even thought to ask:

“Where have all the people gone?”


IP will be shown again on Wednesday (12:30pm) and Saturday at 3pm.


Quote of the Day

The soldiers fight, and the kings are heroes. – Barbara Mechels