Every election season we have someone who might be described as being outside the “mainstream”  – though they still manage to garner a significant number of votes, actually. It’s always interesting when a newspaper editor chooses to describe candidates as “sideshow” candidates, as Greg Harton did today with Adam Fire Cat and Sami Sutton.

Why sideshow? Because they don’t belong to the Good Suit Club?

I’m not sure that Harton has been really listening to them.

I have, and while they may not win the election, they each seem to have things to say that are well-thought out. Fire Cat, in particular, has made the Fayetteville city budget an issue, and is prepared to discuss it at the drop of a hat. While many people may not agree with his conclusions, his math is dead-on.

Sutton, too, has her own issues, and should be listened to with respect.

So chill out, Greg. Don’t dismiss candidates out-of-hand simply because they don’t fit the traditional mold.


On the Air with Steve Clark

Monday night I’ll be interviewing Fayetteville mayoral candidate Steve Clark, who is one of the six candidates for that office this year. Clark discusses public transportation, the need to market Fayetteville as a unique destination, and the need to attract a better type of industry – among other topics.

And he doesn’t shy away from the problems in his past, either.

It’s a fascinating interview, and I think people will enjoy it.

And honestly – no offense to the fine work that the folks who put on the various debates and candidate forums do every year, I think that candidates really get a chance to shine in a one-on-one interview – when it is just them and an interviewer.

I think that with the caliber of the individuals running for mayor this year, Brother Dan should be very worried about that pension.

Show times:

Monday – Sept. 15 (7pm)
Tuesday – Sept. 16 (noon)
Saturday – Sept. 20 (6pm)

Wouldn’t it be neat if your town had public access, so that your candidates could be interviewed on television?


A pretty good political website

This is a pretty good site, which someone clued me in on this weekend. It took a couple of tries to get to it, but once I did, it was well worth looking at. A great overview of politicians – both in Arkansas and around the nation – and their stand on the issues.



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