Oh, Dan, playing the Union Card?  Or the Fear Card, as some might call it:

Coody said he thinks the city’s fire and police departments will likely become unionized if Jordan is elected. The city of Fayetteville must maintain control of its own taxes, revenue and budget, he said.

“If police and fire unionize, they’ll have the ability to do collective bargaining,”he said. “It would eventually have to extend to all 730 city employees. We don’t want to take the lead of so many other cities that are declaring bankruptcy to meet union demands.”

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This from the man who eagerly joined the “rally” in support of city workers earlier this year, after a Telecomm Board member made a silly remark? This from a man who even donned a bandana in solidarity with the rank and file?

What  Karl Rove wannabe is on your payroll?

Of course, Bandanas are also good for holding over one’s nose

I imagine even the most liberal of Dan’s supporters are really holding their noses now, when they write those letters of support  to the newspapers.



As long you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, Dan,  I’ve got a strategy for you

Studies in the past have shown that a small minority of voters distrust candidates with facial hair; some even view them as satanic looking. It’s not too late to get Jay Cole Jr. to write a letter of support for you.


Quote of the Day

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! – Maya Angelou