From today’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

Power users asked to back higher rate

Southwestern Electric Power Co. residential customers will find a direct appeal in their mailboxes this week asking them to support a sizable rate-increase request it will file this month.

SWEPCO filed a packet with the Arkansas Public Service Commission on Monday with a sample flier that outlines the company’s pitch for a base rate increase of between 18 percent and 22 percent. The flier and supporting letter were filed on the commission’s Web site.


“The purpose of the mailer is to let customers know the reasons for the increase and how it could affect their electric bills and household budgets,” Paul Chodak III, SWEPCO’s president and chief operating officer, wrote in a letter to the commission. “This is a difficult economic time for many of our customers, and I wanted them to hear the news from us first, rather than the media.”

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Good job. Maybe they should have waited until the packets had actually reached all the homes before talking to the media? Since I doubt that I am not alone in not getting my letter from SWEPCO yet, I suspect that lots of others haven’t, as well.

So, yeah, SWEPCO, we won’t be hearing it from you first . . .



Quote of the Day

Nostalgia is a seductive liar. – Diplomat George W. Ball


Albert Einstein goes to prison

Joshua Clapp of Russellville will spend 15 years in prison for threatening to kill his wife, and stealing her mother’s credit card. He had the classic kidnapper’s kit in his car – plastic ties, duct tape, plus a knife and a hatchet – along with maps with directions to his accusers’ homes.

While in prison, he will be taking anger-management classes. The judge agreed that this would be a good idea.

After the hearing, Clapp, in an act of grotesque stupidity, told the victim’s family that he would be out of prison in two and a half years, and that he knows where they live.

The prosecutor said that when he gets out of prison, and he breaks the law, he’ll be back in prison again.

Let’s just hope the law he breaks isn’t murder.


I hope that family members show up at this rocket scientist’s parole hearings, and remind the parole board of his stupid promise.


I’ve seen some insane debates before, but . . .

For weeks now, there have been frantic letters in the Arkansas-Democrat-Gazette, taking the paper to task over the change in format of their weekly TV insert. “It’s too big,” they cry. “Suddenly my Sunday morning reading experience has been ruined. Watching TV has lost its magic for me.”

For weeks I have been waiting to see if anyone has been going to write in and complain about the fact that the number of articles (which were pretty well-written) have been cut down from three to one.

But no one even seems to have noticed that.

Maybe that’s why we have so much garbage on TV these days, with people whining about the size of the TV guides, and not the loss of informed reviews, and actual information about the shows offered to us.