This past week a letter went out to contributors of two Little Rock based alternative papers from someone who is in the planning stages of his own venture into the field. A few writers were more than a little put off by  the following paragraph:

The most important part of this new paper will be the teamwork between the editors, the writers and the sales department. Sales will direct the editor(s) towards articles that will produce both sales closings and leads for other sales. Editors will choose the writers who are the best in the  niche sales is trying to serve. Hopefully we will have more objective and  less subjective content.

It’s pretty blatant, but many of us have seen “alternative” papers across the country that are alternative in name only. Though they may pull in ads, they are, by and large, pretty bland. Basically what the above paragraph is describing is Star Shopper with a few non-offensive articles, and music/movie reviews.

Call me old-fashioned, but I suspect that in the long-run, if advertisers are going to spend money on an alternative paper, they’d rather put their money into something that takes chances, and isn’t just the same thing week after week after week . . .


I kinda think that readers prefer that sort of paper, as well.



Quote of the Day

Scientists were were rated as great heretics by the church, but they were truly religious men because of their faith in the orderliness of the universe. – Albert Einstein


Dana D. Kelley competes for  Jonathon Swift Award


In a Friday column ( “Real debate stifled”) Dana D. Kelley of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette provided some unintended hilarity, with the following words:

We should view crime without the racial blinders imposed by special interest groups. A guy mugs an old woman? Why does it matter if he’s white or black, or she is?

Good question, Dana. Why would it mater to anyone? Oh, wait a minute, I know the answer!

It always seems to matter to Dana D. Kelley, who just can’t seem to resist talking about race when he mentions crime statistics.  In fact, he often seems to throw race in when you least expect it.

Then again, it being Kelley, you kind of always expect it . . .


On the Air with Mendy Knott

Playwright Mendy Knott will be my guest (Monday – 7pm) this week on C.A.T.


Knott, whose screenplay. “Men Only,” will be performed (Friday, March 27) at the upcoming Goddess Festival in Fayetteville in a staged reading, will discuss the play, her writing career and her life.

Knott’s writing reflects her life as a working-class, out-lesbian who grew up the child of a Southern preacher. She is well-known for performance poetry, peace activism, and ongoing support of women’s creativity.

Knott’s body of work includes poetry, memoir, play writing, editing, song writing, fiction, and screen writing. Her publications include three poetry CDs and three self-published poetry chapbooks, one of which was  nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

She hosts HOWL, an open mic reading in Fayetteville, Arkansas that cultivates women’s voices in prose, poetry and song, and is also an editor for Limbertwig Press.

Show days and times

Monday – March 2 (7pm)
Tuesday – March 3 (noon)
Saturday – March 7 (6pm)

C.A.T. is shown on Channel 18 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville. Those outside the Fayetteville viewing area can see the program online at:

Programs online are shown in “real time,” meaning that they are shown at the same time as they are shown on C.A.T.


Deadline for entering C.A.T. 2009 Awards

Monday, March 2, for shows produced and shown on C.A.T. in 2008.

For information: 479-444-3433.