Reading over the editorial in the NWA Times yesterday, I can’t  help but think that the specter of Dan Coody was standing over someone’s shoulder, helping them hunt and peck at the keys as they struggled with the editorial.  The Times can’t quite wrap its head around the reason that so many reason didn’t care for Susan Thomas, Dan Coody’s public information officer.

While the position itself was viewed by some as not needed, the real reason that Thomas was detested in many quarters was that she was pretty much seen as Dan Coody’s Frank Nitti, his enforcer, the Doer of Dirty Deeds done cheap,  so that Dan could stay above the fray, and assume a Solomon-like persona.

It fooled a lot of people, but not nearly enough, as the election of 2008 proved.

For the NWA Times to engage in revisionist history so soon after the election simply means that somebody wasn’t paying attention, despite all the efforts to alert them to what was going at City Hall.

Quote of the Day

It is inevitable when one has a great need of something one finds it. What you need you attract like a lover. – Gertrude Stein


The Eternal Gutlessness of Blanche Lambert Lincoln?

The Tea Party folks are upset something fierce that Blanche Lambert Lincoln seems to be sliding into a health care event Saturday night (5 :30, at the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers) without much public fanfare. By this time, of course, the news stations have hold of the news, but no “official” announcement on Lincoln’s website.

I wonder why?

The Tea Party folks are calling for their forces to showing up in force, even if they can’t get inside the building.

One liberal group in Fayetteville plans a meeting on Saturday night on how to talk to Tea baggers in a civil manner  – in Fayetteville. Go figure. I sent them notice of the event in Rogers, so they have plenty of time to get a contingent up there, I would think.

You Don’t Choose This-The Outsider Art of C.F. Roberts

The artwork of local artist and writer C.F. Roberts is highlighted in a program this week on Community Access Television – You Don’t Choose This-The Outsider Art of C.F. Roberts.  Lots of folks have already seen the program and have been favorably impressed.

Days and times:

Sunday – 12:30pm
Monday – 10:30pm
Thursday – 5pm
Friday – 8:30pm

C.A.T. is shown on Channel 18 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville.
Those outside the Fayetteville viewing area can see the program online at:

Programs online are shown in “real time,” meaning that they are shown at the same time as they are shown on C.A.T.