Interesting comment on a public message board the other night, when someone wrote what they obviously felt was the height of wit, concerning current events.

The only exception is I now support abortion for all liberals!

As I read his comment, I realized that there was no way that anyone capable of writing such a witty remark is  actually capable of realizing that some in our society are already taking his witticism to heart, whether it be murdering abortion providers, killing people in church, or a dozen other acts.

We have rich, well-fed commentators on the right, whipping the crowds into a frenzy on matters across  this country, whether it be health care, climate change, property rights, ACORN, or any of a score of other issues that threaten the status quo.


For many – especially after last year’s election – things have degenerated into an Us vs Them mentality. Those on the left are not just seen as wrong, but truly as the enemies of America.

It’s as if you have an entire political movement charged up on way too much caffeine, with someone taking away all of their newspapers and magazines, so that they only read the ravings of conspiracy fiends like Glenn Beck, Sarah palin, and the cretins at Free Republic.


And each time  a murder occurs, those on the right will protest, “Who? Us? We don’t preach hatred or violence?” and attempt to turn it back on those who have been gunned down.

Abortion for liberals?

Yeah, right.



Quote of the Day

The writer must believe that what he is doing is the most important thing in the world. And he must hold to this illusion, even when he knows it is not true. – John Steinbeck


The creepiest response to wage theft yet from a public figure

A local union has posted a message on Facebook asking folks not to give their business to a certain restaurant in Fayetteville, due to a wage conflict with their employees. I reposted it, and several folks on the right of the political spectrum responded. A few jokes were made, the old line about if they don’t like their job they should quit was just cavalierly thrown out, but the most intriguing one was thrown out by a local newspaper columnist:

I hear ———  had great enchiladas and cheese dip. I’ll stop by and bring some home this week.

I won’t give you his name, but he’s tried to make a name for himself over the years by being oh-so-sensitive to the plight of ordinary people.

I haven’t mentioned the name of the eatery since the dispute might be resolved by the time you read this. I’ll leave you to guess  guess who the great cheese dip lover is.



My New Hero

Man spends 2 years building Dalek out of 480,000 matches