Last week Tracy had to go in for an MRI.   In the paperwork she got back was a sheet with the headline:

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According top the handout, funding cuts suggested by Medicare propose to reduce outpatient reimbursements to imaging centers (like the one Tracy is often sent to) by 32 percent at the beginning of 2010. According to several websites I read this weekend, there are fears that this may affect the well-being of patients across the United States, especially as many non-hospital sites are already lower in cost.

True, the MRI center that passed this out has a vested interest in wanting folks to contact their representatives in Congress about this; they may face the loss of their business. But it may go beyond just saving a few businesses. According to the American College of Radiology website:


Medicare Imaging Cuts Restrict Access to Care and Discourage New Technologies Which Would Benefit Patients

It’s a couple of years old, but it goes in line with what I have been reading this weekend.


The ACR intends to “educate” lawmakers about such issues. Yeah, lots of luck with that.



Quote of the Day

There is a foolish corner in the brain of the wisest man. – Aristotle


Scheide on Film

This week, UA film historian aFrank Scheide nd I sit down to discuss the history and impact of motion pictures. Two silent movies – The Great Train Robbery and From the Earth to the Moon – will be shown in their entirely.

Both films will feature commentary from Scheide, who, in addition to teaching about film, has also written a highly regarded textbook on the subject.

Monday – 1:30pm
Tuesday – 9pm
Wednesday 8:30pm
Thursday – 5:30pm
Friday – noon
Saturday – 7:30am


On the Air with John Gray, Green Party candidate


Monday night, Mayor John Gray, Green Party candidate for Congress, will be  my guest

Gray,   currently the mayor of Greenland, will be challenging Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln in 2010. Though a number of Republicans intend to vie for the seat, Gray is the only progressive candidate to announce an intention to run.

A number of issues will be discussed, including health care and the Employee Free Choice Act.  For more information about John Gray:

Days and times:
Monday – 7pm
Tuesday – noon
Saturday – 6pm

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