CNN, the bargain-basement cable news source, is now hiring bloggers (well, one so far, at least) as on-air commentators.

Well, what can one expect from a news outlet in which anchors regularly turn to Twitter to see what folks at home have to say about the news events of the day.


Hamhock95 says, “U guys sure messd up T prty stry. We R new hope for USA.”

Shoelace89 says, “Don, are U losing weight? We R worried about U.”


The above, more or less, is a real Tweet that CNN Weekend Junior Varsity anchor Don Lemon actually read out loud over the air, and then he said that that he had been on a diet after the holidays. This is what passes for news on the weekend on CNN.

And now they are hiring bloggers.


What’s even better, they are hiring bloggers without actually vetting them first. In one case, they hired an individual who had written such incredibly crude comments about public figures they actually interviewed the clown about them on air.

Gee, folks, don’t you think the time for reading his stuff and talking to him about it was maybe before you hired him?

Oh, those wacky folks at CNN!

This is the American CNN, not the international version, which doesn’t have the preening anchors, who giggle like junior high kids at each other’s jokes between segments.  It ain’t BBC, it ain’t Al Jazeera.


It’s sort of like local news, only with a higher budget.

But I digress – then again, it is my blog.

Anyway, CNN wants bloggers? Here I am! Plus, I’ve got 19 years of being front of a camnera.

And hey, they can read all my stuff beforehand. Put me in, Coach!


Quote of the Day

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