did you know that over 40% of the world’s population had NEVER heard the name of Christ? that from 1980-2000 over 1 billion ppl moved from nomatic areas to cities?That over thousands of children are sold into sexual bondage each and every day across the globe? That there are still religions that practice human sacrifice? – Laurie Masterson/Facebook

If you are not brainwashing your kids, SOMEONE IS! Our children are vulnerable, they are the windows to change. – Laurie Masterson/Facebook

One of the newest groups on Facebook is We were defriended by LLM, and I am happy to announce that I became a member this week. You don’t actually have to be defriended by Laurie Lee Masterson to join, but I was, so I did.

Once there, I joined several other folks who had been sent to Coventry by Ms. Masterson, who has shown an mazing intolerance for anyone disagreeing with of late – at least on Facebook.

Masterson, who began her public career several years ago when she protested certain books in the Fayetteville school system Library being readily available to young people, has since taken to cameras and microphones like a fish to water.

Since that time, she has championed a number of conservative causes, under a variety of names, but currently works for American Majority, a group which describes itself as “non-partisan.” This group has recently poartenered with Americans for Prosperity – Arkansas.

You can draw your own conclusions about how “non-partisan” that particular arrangement will turn out to be.

Ms. Masterson has become a master of social networking; one can find her musings daily on Twitter and Facebook, and a blog at http://mastersonlog.blogspot.com/

I first began collecting a few of Ms. Masterson’s witticisms and epigrams when we became Facebook “friends”  – hey, I’m “friends” with Bob Geldorf and Peter Straub, too, so the whole notion of friendship here is a little loosey-goosey.

Maybe I’m being unfair, but it seemed to me that a lot of the folks who would post comments after she had posted something were invariably of the dreaded “You Rock!” sort of comment that Facebook is full of. Those who had the temerity to point out the fallacies in some of her anti-tax rhetoric or smaller government manifestos were treated as though they were plague carriers.

CAUTION: Some of these posts contain misspelled words. This only means that folks are in a hurry and didn’t proof before they posted. God knows, I do it all the damn time. 

If you think Laurie is do out of touch, why do you use her as your subject on your blog so often? She has 4000 friends that follow her, so maybe she is saying some thing right. oR SHE ACTUSALLY HAS HER FINGER ON THE PULSE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. – Comment on Facebook

This is a common theme, but honestly, I think we all know folks who have that many friends, and all they do is play Farmville.   True, Masterson has been collecting friends at a brisk pace, but eventually she’ll hit the Facebook friend limit.

If you are among the chosen (today’s count: 4,201) you will be able to sample some of her philosophy, and perhaps even leave a comment or two.  The number of people that Laurie Masterson knows and comes into contact with is very important, though, not only to her friends and Twitter followers, but also to Laurie Masterson.

Actually, you don’t even have to be on Facebook to discover what Laurie has written. It just takes a little pounding on the keyboard.

Spent the morning encouraging students that government is their responsibility too. That they will be the ones footing the bill. Asked them how many were ready to be independent of their parents (all) then said well goo then Big Brother will start telling you what u can eat,drive,listen to and where to spend your money. I think they got the message! – Laurie Masterson/Facebook

Evidently Ms. Masterson has been making the rounds at schools lately, giving her own brand of civics lesson. I’m assuming that these aren’t public schools – still, it might be nice to have someone in to give another view. 

Of course, it isn’t only local and state matters that she seeks to educate folks about. She often talks about her religious faith, and respects those who stand up to the tyrants in Washington, D.C.

Fla. Doctor Tells Obama Voters to Go Away

GOOD JOB DOC! I guess the question would be is this guy free to run his business in America the way he wants, or will someone try and make this a dissemination suit?
Sad state if they do… – Laurie Masterson/Facebook.

Dennis Kucinich is now a yes vote “Healthcare is a human right” My question is where do you find that? What is anyones foundation for that statement. It is not in the constitution, it is not a law, it is not biblical, where on EARTH.. (being that it is Kucinich) did he get that?? – Laurie Masterson/Facebook

A few on Facebook have engaged in what might best be described at “Facebook Combat” with Masterson and her adherents. At one time she would engage folk, but of late her tone with some has been downright surly.

And then we have the defriending.

I can see why she did it to me; I have been pretty obnoxious at times, I suppose, trying to get her to engage. But some folks have merely disagreed with her, and they have found  themselves sent into the Forbidden Zone, with only their keyboards on their backs.

How many people are true leaders verses dictators. Micro-managing is a sign of dictatorship. True leaders want to help others become leaders. Dictators want others to serve and revere them…- Laurie Masterson/Facebook

H.R. 2499 is stealth legislation designed to lead to the admission of Puerto Rico as the 51st state, thereby making us a de facto bilingual nation, like Canada. The U.S. Congress should not be forcing Puerto Ricans to vote on statehood, especially since the Puerto Rican people have rejected statehood three times since …1991! Call you congressman NOW! – Laurie Masterson/Facebook

Nothing like a little panicked fantasy  to start your morning on Facebook.

Most of what Masterson posts is fairly rational, though I disagree with her. But it is when she posts things that seem particularly off-the-wall that it gets folks’ attention.

The interesting thing is that the closer Laurie gets the brick wall of the Facebook friend limit, she’ll have to start shedding friends so that her message can get to new people. Who to shed and who to keep? Then again, perhaps the current defriending is part of a larger plan. If she defriends as she goes, she’ll never reach that limit.

But having those high numbers is important to her. After all, she isn’t above playing the “Mine is bigger than yours” game:

Richard again… you don’t keep up do you… you just like to pop in here and make statements that are barely relevant and then advertise your CAT TV stuff…. Well the whole state should know because you don’t know who you know knows. I know your sphere of influence may be just here in Fayetteville, however I happen to know ppl across the state … See Morewho know others across the state- thus word of mouth, hence the benefit of social media- Laurie Masterson/Facebook

Laurie Masterson wants to influence you. She used to be able to argue her points, and even take good natured ribbing. But there are those on Facebook who can attest to something else – an intolerance of others’ views, especially where they might dissuade others from believing as she wants them to.

Which is sort of interesting, really, given that the Founding Father she most relates to is Ben Franklin, for the reasons she explains on the American Majority website:

Which Founding Father do you relate most with, and why?

Benjamin Franklin- Franklin was good-natured, intellectually curious and wordly-wise. He had many interests as a scientist, writer, and politician. He loved being around new people and new places with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.


I wonder how many folks Ben “defriended” when they disagreed with him?