The tragedy that took place last week when an aging gas leak erupted in a San Francisco suburb, destroying over 50 homes and killing several people has brought about calls for a Congressional investigation.

Yeah, that’ll be fun to watch.

We’ll have angry members of congress quaking in their seats, shakining their fingers in the faces of contrite utility officials. There will be somber cable news reporters on the scene; CNN will devote at least almost an entire hour (sans room for commercials – some from the gas industry, no doubt) about our failing infrastructure and then. . . and then . . .

And then will come along another celebrity sex scandal, and the cable reporters can all breathe a sigh of relief, and they go back to what they do best – preen and giggle in front of the cameras.


And the members of Congress?

Well, they can continue to cash the campaign donations from the utility companies.


Poor Roger Clemens – he should have made a few more campaign donations in his career.

In the meantime, for those genuinely interested in the matter, there is pretty good article (Aging gas pipe at risk of explosion nationwide) at:



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