Now that Fayetteville seems to have its own Tea Party member (a board member, no less!) running for school board, we have finally arrived, politically.

It’s all too apparent from their rhetoric which one it is, given that their answers to questions tend to be somewhat one-dimensional, and running along bumper-sticker lines. Yes, Helen Garst, while running for school board, also felt the need to speak out in favor of “school vouchers.”

The candidates’ views ran in the September 12 issue of the Northwest Arkansas Times.

Since the Tea Party seems tobne making such headway in other parts of the United States, I wonder why Ms. Garst didn’t come forward and announce to the world-at-large that she is a proud member of the Washington County Tea Party.

I mean, like, it’s right on their website and everything!

Surely that would garner her some support from like-minded folks here here Fayetteville?

The Tea Party, after all, isn’t a social club, like a quilting society, or a ghost hunting group, or Civil War buffs – it’s a bona fide political group, with well-known aims.

Sure, some would vote against her just for that, but some would vote for her, so why the silence on the issue? You guys aren’t quiet about anything else!


Get your lowdown cotton pickin’ hands off my healthcare, dag nab it!

“Hands off my healthcare,” they shriek wildly, yet oddly enough, few of them seem to think of standing outside the doors of an insurance office, where cruel healthcare decisions are made every day of the week. I guess as long as private enterprise is making a profit from the Death Panel business?


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