A few years ago conservative commentators were trumpeting the idea of a “John Galt Day” – a day in which the so-called “producers” of wealth in this country would simply take the day off, and then, by God, you’d miss us then!

Maybe you wouldn’t whine so much when it came time to give us those tax breaks we deserve!


Except it never quite happened. I like to think that the wealthy put their heads together and realized that if they did take the day off, well, honestly, who the hell would notice?

Most of them have support systems of hundreds or thousands of people who do the actual work to keep their money coming in.


Yet another Ayn Rand fantasy dying on the vine. Of course, the first Rand fantasy that always has to die is the idea that she could actually write her way out of a paper bag.

But cheap insults (as much fun and as true as they are) aside, the John Galt fantasy died, though there does seem to be a facebook page devoted to it.


One person “likes” it so far.

But here’s a fun idea.

What if the American worker had a John Galt Day?

Oh, it’s a fantasy, much like the other, I know, but this one really would rock the country, as well as bringing things almost completely to a halt.


Not a strike, mind you, but a full-blown John Galt Day, with every American worker standing in solidarity with every other American worker and their families. Hell, executives would be more than welcome to join the celebration.

But if you even talked about it on national television, Sean Hannity would begin with his “Class warfare!” screech, Bill O’Reilly would call everyone pinheads, Glenn Beck would need a new chalk board, and folks would begin rewriting the history of the American labor movement all over again.

But still – wouldn’t it be glorious? Just for one day?

Or even for one hour?


Damn teachers!

I’ve been reading various letters pages and editorials bashing the teachers up in Wisconsin of late, and marvel at how chock full of ignorance they are. The writers are blissfully unaware of the concessions that the unions have made in Wisconsin, but, like Pavlov’s dogs, they regurgitate every talking point they see in other editorials, on the radio or on Fox News.

Sometimes I wish we had a John Galt Day for those who want to express opinions without knowing what the facts are.


Quote of the Day

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. – John F. Kennedy